special offer "Bobby Moo is a trio created in 2000. Alexandre Bellenger, an active young composer, plays prepared turntables and records, Miho is an electronic noise maker and Arnaud Rivičre plays mixing board specially arranged with metal rods and wires. Bobby Moo likes to deliver many different kind of improvised music, according to how they feel that moment. It goes from some quiet delicate waves to harsh brutal noise shower. Their playing is strong and honnest, always trying to break through, unshamedly going for risky paths and unexpected outcomes. Bobby Moo has an ability of mixing well with other genres of performances. The trio has given many concerts in various contexts in France and so far only once abroad, at the CAVE 12 in Geneva. Together or indivually they have played with Andy Bolus & Erik Minkkinen, Mahayoni Mudra, Sachiko M, Jean-François Pauvros, Martin Tétreault or Goth Trad. Sometimes Bobby Moo becomes Bobby Two, with the two 'boys' only." (label info)
in stock | FR| 2005| TEXTILE | 4.90

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