"The Berlin based artist is well know for his wild performances, his Grand-Guignol-esque films,complex installations and futuristic speeches. John Bock in essence a one man living work of art. An artist constantly attempting to overcome himself and his work. The Cologne and Berlin based musician Aydo Abay has been stretching melodramatic guitar music to its limits for close to two decades now. Starting out in 1997 with his rock outfit 'Blackmail' (who recorded eight albums together), after their eventual split in 2008 he concentrated on his solo project 'Ken', before creating his new label imprint Abay. The first interaction of John Bock and Aydo Abay took place back in 2006 for the theatrical play "Medusa" at the Berliner Staatsoper. In 2010 they joined forces once again for a fashion show titled "Die abgeschmierte Knicklenkung im Gepäck verheddert sich im weissen Hemd" in the World Culture House in Berlin. Given these previous artistic collaborations, we decided to ask John Bock to go further and join Adyo Abay for a real studio session working on songs together. And so we are very happy to announce four songs which leaded to the Edition Fieber double-vinyl-single, each one presented in a John Bock designed artwork. And so the music. Bock and Aydo take the already broad-ranging world of Art Rock and stretch into psychedelia. But they've no intention of falling into the modern day bourgeoise trap of tidy, easily defined musical genres. Oh no, for theirs is a mission of focus and sobriety, and their ambitions are built on desire, lust, and teenage dreams." (label info) comes in gatefold sleeve with obi, limited signed edition of 70 copies, comes with unique copy of trousers w/ painting signed and numbered
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2015| EDITION FIEBER | 289.00

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