"The new official Bola full-length arrives after a long wait, following 2004's slick and calm Gnayse. Kroungrine is Bola's fourth proper studio full-length (or, the fifth, if you count 2006's Shapes), filling out the puzzling/thrilling stable of releases that also includes 1998's IDM classic, Soup and 2001's synthy and melodic Fyuti. What Kroungrine sounds like is anyone's guess, but it drops like chewy beef and overcooked roasties. It has a crunch and fullness that satisfies and leaves you feeling truly replenished and unable to move, except maybe for just playing again, using that just-barely reachable remote control. And by the way, Kroungrine refers to "crown green bowls," a variant of lawn bowls played in the north of England. The "crown" is a very slight mound in the middle of the green, making the game more difficult." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2007| m-/m-| SKAM | 10.00

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