"Hailing from Brighton, Bolide is an electro-acoustic improvising sextet formed in 2007. Main members are Spiceberg (aka Daniel Spicer), Tom Roberts, The Sultan and members of Prick Decay, F. Ampism, etc. Imagine going to a huge locals-only market outside the Medina, the air is heavy and dusty, the smell is funky, it's noon & you forgot your hat, you see another goat head being cut and you start to think: maybe I'll ride a donkey back? Imagine you could record the sounds both inside & outside of you in that moment... that's sort of what Bolide sounds like. Except now, you can avoid the stressful experience and still enchant your neighbour's snakes by having it in a pro-dubbed & imprinted pea green tape, with a double-printed collage Jcard. Edition of 100." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2012| ULTRAMARINE | 6.50

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