"After a couple of years of silence, Bong-Ra returns to the foreground with a conceptual EP which shows an surprising new side of this project. Marrying his pummelling beats and high speed breaks with lush instrumentations and acoustic strings, Bong-Ra's "Monster" sounds hard and human at the same time. The carefully design of an experienced and imaginative producer, this many-headed sonic Cerberus is an extravagant monster of outstanding force and depth. This EP's alchemy lies in the way Bong-Ra marries what he is known for (hard club-friendly rhythms) and what he has grown to produce more and more over the years (rich instrumentations and arrangements). In this sense, "Monster" meets its concept: it is not only a record about relationships, but one which brings together two elements usually usually very distinct." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2010| AD NOISEAM | 7.90

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