"Blending high-definition Breakcore with harrowing strings and crushing screams, the 12" kicks off with "Nomina Nuda Tenemus" - a dense ride straight into occulted secrets guarded by Gregorian Monks. "La Plume De Ma Tante" follows with sweltering bass terror and overwhelming blasts of precision beat sequencing, a must for any Breakcore DJ or Headbanger alike. The flip side offers a slightly more subtle approach which starts with "Naai De Duivel In Zn Reet". This piece features intensely mangled breaks grinding against bloodcurdling vocal samples and hyperspeed DnB detonations - closing with sliding ambiance leading into the final chapter of this audio incubus. On "Zumo de mis Cojones Oscuros", Bong-Ra offers a splintered sliding percussive deluge and a tearing mise en scene which harks back to some of his more experimental releases like the "Praying Mantis EP"." (label info)
in stock | CH| 2008| ZHARK INTERNATIONAL | 7.70

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