"In 2011 Dietmar Bonnen, Alexei Aigui and Lothar Burghaus gave a concert in the DOM Club in Moscow. For two of the pieces they invited their friend Moscovian electronic musician Arkady Marto to modify live their single instrumental lines, so that they could and had to react to these modifications while performing. These two pieces are: 'mors vite propitia', a French melody from the 13th century by an anonymous composer, and 'circle in the round', a melody by Miles Davis. One week later Arkady Marto found the fragments recorded during the concert in the internal memory of his sampler. From this material he developed five impromptus which he sent to Dietmar Bonnen. Bonnen arranged the parts into a suite and composed in addition music for electronic strings which was developed from one single twelve tone row. The resulting cycle, 'axis', whose tension comes from the liaison of dodecaphony and modal samples, is framed on this CD by both live pieces, so the single elements originated in the concert are easily to be identified." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2011| OBST | 16.90

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