"Alexander Chen, aka Boy in Static - 23 years old, residing in Boston, grew up in New Jersey and downtown Philadelphia, musical socialisation via classical piano and viola in the school string orchestra, later guitar and discovery of the wonderful world of CPU-clocked sounds and music. No (notable) band memberships, just going it alone. This can be difficult, when the heliocentric part takes the upper hand, but can also lead to revelation and fulfillment, when your own demo somehow finds its way to the label of your favourite band and is well received, leading to the release of the first album. Enter "Newborn": ten times DIY-homerecording using contemporary methods, ten songs made up of acoustic guitar, crazy fingerboard playing, rumbling bass, muted singing, distorted drums, expressive string sequences galore, cheap E-Bay organ and carefully orchestrated laptop manouvres. So it is something that has not yet been heard in this world of reference-modellers and categerisers. Not rock, not electronic, not folk. Not 'post-', not 'pre-', simply there." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2004| ALIEN TRANSISTOR | 14.90

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