back in stock "Garry Bradbruy, former bass player for Dynamite Lobster and one half of Severed Heads, is quite a card. His reputation proceedes him. Often refered to as the Ma Kettle of the Sydney underground electronic music scene and despite years of compulsory daytime tv, he emerges triumphant yet again to fry our lug holes with a new and remarkable offering. The current CD, entitled Instant Oblivion, is his most compelling document to date. It has success written all over it. No....really. It is an eclectic collection of colourful and spritely ditties. Plumb the depths of the luscious abyss. Soar to new heights of exquisite musical epiphany. Lull mindlessly in the psychedelic vortex that is Bradbury." (label info)
in stock | AUS| 2006| DUAL PLOVER | 13.90

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