"Brast Burn are often linked with Karuna Khayal with many aficionados concluding that they were actually the same band. Whether this is true or not remains an unsolved mystery but one thing is for sure: Brast Burns one and only recorded outing left an indelible stamp on those who were to follow. Nurse With Wounds Steve Stapleton thought highly of Debon and included it in his "legendary list" that appeared on the sleeve of his bands 1979 debut album. Featuring orchestrated fuzz guitar, echo-drenched percussion, reverbed bass, zithers, assorted taped sounds and vocals that are simply inspired. An album thats a must for headphones and for devotees of the likes of Faust and Can. A rare musical experience and a vital addition to any record collection." (label info)
in stock | US| 2012| PHOENIX RECORDS | 16.90

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