"Broderick & Broderick is a collaboration between renowned artist and multi-instrumentalist Peter Broderick and his father Steven." (label info) "I don't think Steven is very comfortable in the spotlight. On the rare occasions I've had the courage to suggest putting a microphone in front of him and his guitar, the common response has been a humble shrug and a rain check. And then a lot of time passes before we see each other again and I'm left with my imagination when I want to hear one of his songs, faintly but surely engrained in my musical memory. Recalling those melodies and often learning to play versions of them myself has been the red thread of my own musical practice. Somewhat of a recording enthusiast (or addict?) myself, I couldn't fathom a project more meaningful than a session with Pop (as he is known to us kids). So when I found out he would be coming to Berlin for a few days at the end of June 2012, my mind ran wild with hopes and dreams of a chance to finally capture those sounds." (P.Broderick)
in stock | US| 2013| TEAM LOVE | 20.90

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