"Having cut their teeth with a début 12" on Peace Off's heavy dubstep sublabel Ruff in early 2008, the London-based duo Broken Note present their sophomore effort on Ad Noiseam with "Crux / Zealot". While dubstep has over the years mutated in various sub-genres and variations, Broken Note's blend is of the colossal and dark kind. Tapping in breakcore for the density of their sound, shattering their 2-step influences in a myriad of details, and not afraid of supporting their mammoth-like basses with rude, heavy beats, these musicians come up with something that finally proves that dubstep can be as massive as it was famed to be. This record's dubplates have already proved to be highly efficient DJ tools, packing dancefloors for months. Here comes the loud, heavy and low end-rich final cut. A remarkable record from a striking act." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2008| AD NOISEAM | 7.90

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