"The first release on the What the...? label is this Burning Star Core lp, this time caught in a duo of C. Spencer Yeh on voice and violin, and Robert Beatty (Hair Police, Eyes and Arms of Smoke) on his self-style "acoustic appraiser" and electronics, during the spring in 2004 on tour with Open City. Burning Star Core timeline watches would place this same time when the collaboration LP with Comets on Fire was recorded, and when "Lets Play Wild Like Wilcats Do" was first available as limited CD-R. Two complete sets from Seattle WA and San Francisco CA, what was felt was the very best ones from previous archive cassette collection on Yehs quiet vanity imprint Dronedisco. The flavor of this time is very stripped down with attention to destiny and velocity; for fans of raw electronics, vocal action and hyper-dry violin, with some brief drone for the complete trip. 300 numbered copies with inserts." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| WHAT THE...? | 18.90

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