"Cabaret Contemporain invites the two swedish singers Linda Olah and Isabel Sörling to give a tribute to the composer Moondog. The 7 musicians are focusing espacially on the Moondog's songs to offer the public a new way to appreciate this too little know music. Cabaret Contemporain is a Paris-based quintet who play electro music with prepared acoustic instruments (piano, electric guitar, drums, two double bassses). The band began playing in 2012, blending electronic music and classical (John Cage Project with Etienne Jaumet, Terry Riley revisited with Chateau Flight, The Man-Machine with Olah), and has performed live around the world. Linda Olah and Isabel Sörling: voice; Fabrizio Rat: piano; Giani Caserotto: guitar; Ronan Courty: double bass; Simon Drappier: double bass; Julien Loutelier: drums." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | BE| 2015| SUB ROSA | 15.90

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