"A true gem from the Portugese underground. Sparse electronics blended with mystic vocalism - think Ghedalia Tazartes on the coffee by Diamanda Galas. Deep in the Portugese underground Calhau! is constructing an absurd universe in which nightmares, rural Catholic mysticism and surrealist spirituality play the lead role. Performance, movie and music are contributing to one melancholic and cruel whole. The music is deeply rooted in Roman mysticism, using the dark hand of alchemy to beseech the insane 21st century. U is their third album up to date, and the first release by KRAAK. The A-side builds upon 5 song particles, in which a grotesque voice float over hard samples and rough electronics. The voice sings Portuguese, or Latin, maybe French or Mongolian throat singing. Vom Grill's gurgles could be a reference. Side B is a re-release of the limited mini-cd A Corte D'Urubu. It's one long droney piece, a result of a collaboration with a choir, recorded at the Portuguese coast. The composition is a loose interpretation of Gregorian pieces, like Stabat Mater and Veni Creator Spiritus, mixing choral works with gritty synths and sinistre opera." (label info) edition of 320 copies, comes with download code
in stock | BE| 2016| K-RAA-K | 19.90

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