"This CD presents Cam Deas' Quadtych in its entirety, a colossal work for 12 string guitar spanning over 70 minutes in four parts. Exploring the sonic possibilities of his guitar through a legion of extended techniques, the piece investigates the space between composition and free improvisation. Quadtych sees Deas move between melodic sections reminiscent of Eastern folk music, vicious free improvisations and gradual minimalist transformations in a well structured manner. Moving beyond his previous efforts in the post-Takoma terrain, though still retaining some qualities, this work sees the amalgamation of influences such as Derek Bailey, Anthony Braxton, Charlemagne Palestine, Iannis Xenakis, Olivier Messiaen alongside early blues and Eastern folk music. Packaged in deluxe tri-fold wallets with artwork by Jake Blanchard in an edition of 1000 copies." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2011| PRESENT TIME EXERCISES | 13.90

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