"Quadtych Volume One presents Parts One and Two of Cam Deas colossal Quadtych for 12 string guitar, a four part piece spanning over 70 minutes in total. Recorded in one evening at Londons Roundhouse in December 2010 by Jack Allett, though over a year and a half since its initial sketches, it is his first composed work for 12 string guitar since the 2009 split tour LP with Spoono/Jack Allett on Blackest Rainbow. The first two parts exhibited on this LP display great evolution from Deas as he unifies the sonic exploration of his acoustic 12 string guitar through a legion of extended techniques, with a developed and structured formulation combined with sections of partly and freely improvised playing, undoubtedly establishing Quadtych as his most compelling and personal work to date. The record comes pressed on heavyweight virgin vinyl and packaged in deluxe pro-printed sleeves with fantastic artwork by Jake Blanchard in an edition of 500 copies." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2011| PRESENT TIME EXERCISES | 16.90

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