"The second volume of Cam Deas' Quadtych presents the final two parts of this massive work for 12 string guitar. The third and fourth parts presented on this LP begin like the calm after the storm at the end of Volume One. Moving into the major key, Deas brings back melodies from Part One in a whole new light, building into a grand melodic climax at the end of Part Three before the transfiguration of a beautiful repetitive pattern into an atonal onslaught eventually falling into a vicious free improvisation on his now completely detuned 12 string in the fourth and final part. As with Volume One, the record comes pressed on heavyweight virgin vinyl and packaged in deluxe pro-printed sleeves with fantastic artwork by Jake Blanchard in an edition of 500 copies." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2011| PRESENT TIME EXERCISES | 16.90

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