special offer "Judy's Dust is the debut full-length LP by Car Commercials of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Here, the duo of David Sutton (Friends and Family, Current Amnesia, Ladderwoe) and Daniel DiMaggio (Home Blitz) expand on the rock/mumble strategies from the self-released Jar 7" (Leaf Leaf, 2007) and a couple cassettes kicked around the New Jersey underpasses. Contains twelve songs of missing spaces, too much Center Ice, drums and wires, varispeed recording techniques, and facing backwards - all from the other side of the E Street. This LP is the first release in almost 3 years on the now-resurrected Cenotaph label, now based in the UK. It is limited to 300 copies." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2008| CENOTAPH | 5.00

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