"First ever vinyl reissue of Caroline K's outstanding 1985 album, Now Wait For Last Year. This haunting, wistful work of post-industrial synthesizer music - the late Nocturnal Emissions co-founder's only solo record - has accrued a fervent cult following over the past 30 years, and copies of the original pressing are today extremely sought-after. Tags like industrial, minimal synth or proto-techno can't really do justice to the richly cinematic sound-world that Walters describes: from the sustained ambient tension of sidelong opener he Happening World' to the future-primitive rhythms and stately piano flourishes of nimal Lattice', and the melancholic, deep-frozen synth sequences of hearth'. Fans of Wendy Carlos's A Clockwork Orange, Chris Carter's The Space Between, and early Detroit techno should pay special attention, but this searching, future-proof masterpiece demands to be heard by all." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2016| BLACKEST EVER BLACK | 26.90

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