"Tom Carter and Pat Murano, two figures with decades of history behind them, offer Four Infernal Rivers, their new double long player. Four Infernal Rivers illuminates their interlocking styles in a light that blurs their individual identities. The music breathes its own life, and consistently eschews the normal meanings of its own potential descriptors. To think and act intuitively across 80 minutes in real time, without falling into boring or wasteful modes, should be taken as a remarkable accomplishment. The album title is as descriptive as it is suggestive. "Four" is the number of tracks. Easy. "Infernal." It's a harder one to parse out, harder still to live up to, yet the record's hellish qualities come from the fact that it seems like it could never end. Its fiendishness stems from a tone which is consistently ominous and ever-portending. "Rivers" is spot-on. Close your eyes, draw up an image of a river, and the music pulls instantly into focus." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2014| MIE MUSIC | 20.90

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