"Cdatakill joins the Low Res roster with a four track EP of his trademark symphonic breakcore plus a few surprises. "Nothing Can Damn My Soul" opens with a spoken word intro through 4x4 rhythms and settles into a dark acid drill'n'bass groove. "Imperial Passage" and "Surveillance Tape" mix shimmering ambient backdrops with midtempo funk and faster hammering jungle breaks. "Strange Fruit" is the change-up, as jazz piano and smoky echoes disintegrate into deep, bass-heavy ambience over which a super-slow dubbed out beat emerges. A clanking drill'n'bass loop startles the listener before the Billie Holliday sample reveals this as, indeed, a cover of Holliday's downer blues classic. It's an awkward track, very daring and admirable but the fast beats never really mesh with the mood of the dirge-like original." (label info)
in stock | US| 2002| LOW RES | 7.90

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