"Two 7 min+ tracks, one with vocals, one without. Solo recordings from from Charles Hayward (This Heat, Quiet Sun, Camberwell Now, etc...) This is the percussive noise made by an amorous hermit crab as it beats out a friendly tattoo on the shell of a potential Partner. babababdadadb-also the drumming of Charles Hayward, pounding and singing on this new coloured seven-inch single Out Of Order c/w Beside. The existential pun made by Hayward's lyrics is along lines of 'out of order comes forth chaos', a neat reversal of mainstream theories of evolution and/or entropy. His view is illustrated by varispeeding tapes at start of this fine drum, drone and vocal recording." (The Soundprojector)
in stock | SE| 2008| DOTDOTDOT | 9.90

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