"The music of Charles Ives is a cultural sourcebook of America at the beginning of the twentieth century. He took the evangelical hymns, the college songs, melodies of the dance hall, the tunes of small town bands and the sounds of village life and shaped them into musical works that are at one familiar and of startling originality. Long considered to be unplayable, his musical juxtapositions would prove to be enormously influential inform such kaleidoscopic inventions as Van Dyke Parks' Song Cycle and the Beach Boys' Smile. Ives today is regarded as a greatly original, immensely creative composer, who gave new dimensions to the vast and varied heritage of America's music. A true American Original who marched to a different beat. Ives audience stretches beyond classical into the modern avant-garde fields of Cage, Varese and Stockhausen. He is very collectable and none of the pieces that comprise our edition have ever been re-released or restored digitally." (label info) Three Places In New England (1903-1914) - The "Saint Gaudens" in Boston Common (Col. Shaw and His Colored Regiment) / General Putnam's Camp, Redding, Connecticut / The Housatonic at Stockbridge The American Recording Society Orchestra Walter Hendl, Conductor / SYMPHONY No. 3: The Camp Meeting (1904-1911) -Old Folks Gatherin' (Andante maestoso) / Children's Day (Allegro) / Communion (Largo) - National Gallery Orchestra Richard Bales, Conductor / Piano Sonata No. 1 (1902-1909) / Adagio con moto / Allegro moderato / Largo; Allegro / Allegro / Andante Maestoso William Masselos, Piano
in stock | UK| 2008| EL RECORDS | 6.90

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