Taylor (drums, vibes), Mazurek (cornet, piano, bamboo flute). Recorded, mixed and edited by Casey Rice (Designer). Mazurek and guest guitarist Jeff Parker are members of Isotope 217. "Ah, the cry of jazz... Canned press: 'Rob Mazurek and Chad Taylor are stalwarts on the Chicago Jazz front and have played with myriad artists. On Duo the two meld their various influences and talents to form a free-flowing, moon-scaped recording.' Chad & Rob are members of the Chicago Underground Orchestra (one record: Playground on Delmark) and are augmented here by Tortoise/Isotope 217 member Jeff Parker (catch) on a few of the tracks. Recorded alternatingly at the Lunar Cabaret, the James Bond Loft, and WNUR studio during the calendar year 1997." -- Hrvatski.
in stock | US| 1998| THRILL JOCKEY | 15.90

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