"The two create an intense, noisy tapestry of sound, encompassing a wide range of sources -- from the baroque-sounding flute and harpsichord snippet that opens the CD to squalls of Hendrix-flavored guitar, opera, flamenco, movie soundtrack music, and purely electronic sound. Marclay firmly favors the analog, intentionally letting his records get scratched and even gluing pieces of vinyl together, while Yoshihide employs mainly digital methods. The combination is potent and compelling. Unlike a lot of the people identified with turntablist world, they never go for laughs with sharply contrasting stylistic juxtapositions or the ironic use of spoken-word records. Sometimes the source materials are pummeled and entirely reshaped, and other times a melodic quotation will stand out untreated; the results are at times reminiscent of Stockhausen's 'Hymnen' or Eric Salzman's 'Nude Paper Sermon." (label Info)
in stock | US| 2000| ASPHODEL | 8.90

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