"Clayton Noone is one half of the jaw-dropping Armpit, one third of the terrifying Wolfskull, and he also adds his essential self in The Futurians, Claypipe and a dozen other bands. As Noone's solo project CJA catches his sublime nonchalant strum and blur in its most distilled form. Sprawling over 2 disks 'Pink Metal' gathers together songs and drones, weird incidents and hard-out noise to present what is perhaps the definitive CJA statement of intent. Packaged in a booklet of macabre full colour sci-fi comics (drawn by brother Richard Noone) 'Pink Metal' is perhaps the most collectable of Noone's releases to date. 2x CDR in 16 page full colour art-book." (label info)
in stock | NZ| 2008| PSEUDO ARCANA | 6.90

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