"Clearlight Symphony was released in 1975 with small echo in press and public, although it has nowadays reached a cult status among followers of the symphonic - cosmic - progressive genres. In what refers to its musical content, Clearlight Symphony is a completely opposed concept to that of the other project in which Cyrille Verdeaux was involved at the time: the collective album Delired Chameleon Family (also reissued recently on Wah Wah Records), a brilliant psychedelic dive into the French underground of the seventies. Clearlight Symphony, instead, is a much more author-controled work, where all the musicians adapt themselves to Verdeauxs circular, systematic composition. The alleged and collected improvisations, dissonances and atonalities (superb Boul), the rhythmic tension of Artmans enigmatic, Heldonian drumming, Blakes environmental VCS3 modulations, Hillages content cosmicism, Verdeauxs crescendos and counterpoints. Plus echoes of Dbussy, Terry Riley, Soft Machine, Magma, and why not, Tubular Bells. In short, a work of honesty, an album of its time." (label info) Limited edition of 500 copies.
soon in stock - please pre-order | ES| 2011| WAH WAH RECORDS | 23.90

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