"Before 2013's 'Midcity', the trio of rapper Daveed Diggs and producers Jonathan Snipes and William Hutson did not expect to find an audience for their abrasive brand of rap music. The project was initially a remix project, an aside to the members' main occupations - Diggs is a stage actor, while Snipes composes music for film and Hutson is an established noise music artist. However, since the formation of clipping., the field of commercial music enlarged ever so slightly, making room again for noisier, more adventurous elements in electronic production (though clipping. insist they simply make rap music). 'CLPPNG' is a much more ambitious project than 'Midcity'. The album features guest verses from some of the band's strongest influences. 'CLPPNG' stretches the band's experimental sounds to fit a wider emotional range. 'Midcity' had anger and aggression figured out, but 'CLPPNG' fits the group's harsh electronics to club tracks, slow jams, songs to strip to and more. Relying heavily on musique-concrčte techniques, the trio built many of the tracks out of field recordings and acoustic sounds." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2014| SUP POP | 23.90

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