Recorded live on 23 december 2003 in Berchem. All the tracks were improvised on the spot and the lyrics were taken from 'Gazet van Antwerpen' newspaper of the same day, except for 'On Suicide'. About 35 people witnessed the concert in Lies and Marthe's (real) livingroom. The set was recorded on mini-disc and digital Pro Tools mixer. The final mix on this CD approaches as much as possible the original sound in the room. Club Moral has a 20-year reputation of noise music, performing on various occasions and locations ranging from music venues over art galleries to factory buildings. AMVK has a long history of computer-related art which dissects, re-locates, transforms the human mind and body in a multitude of applications. DDV is known for the protracted displacement of his own body in situations undermining he audience's experience of his and their behavior. DYLAN is one of Belgium's leading Drum'n'Bass dj's and master of the Gromophon on 78rpm and backwards. MAURO used to be an Evil Superstar who reincarnated as 'count' Somnabula to tear dead therapists out of the grave by his strings. Packaged in standard jewel case with 16-page full color booklet designed by AMVK. (LABEL INFO)
in stock | UK| 2005| CLUB MORAL | 15.90

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