"The title of this single, 'Haku', is actually a brand new demo song by cokiyu after her critically acclaimed 2nd album, Your Thorn. Started from'Haku', cokiyu then invited 3 of her favorite artists, namely Baths, Geskia! and LASTorder to collaborate using materials from 'Haku'. In this collaboration process, new ideas were born, new sounds were injected, new dimensions were created, and thus, 3 new songs were conceived. Twinkle Way is a very charming duet with the popular artist Baths (anticon) from United States, along with sweet beats and fluffy vocals. Pulsation is the result of the beautiful collaboration with flau's beats producer Geskia!, whose popularity in Japan has been rising rapidly. And the 19 years old young gun LASTorder (who is known for his collaboration with Shingo2) joined forces in the 3rd song, Fluorite, with some gorgeous and yet dramatic arrangement. The single is completed with a 9-minutes epic remix by Kyoto's most talented young beat-maker Madegg who recently released his debut album Tempera in flau label." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2013| FLAU | 8.90

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