"This new full-length release is the perfect culmination of the core duo of Chris Rosenau and Jon Mueller's work so far. Following up 2000s Rance on Crouton, and 1999s S/T debut on the Rosewood Union (UK), both of which are now out of print, fa.ce (a follows the path set by those records, but introduces some new elements and players. The familiar pieces are still there: beautiful acoustic guitar work, lap steel guitar, strange piano segments, electronics, consistent and off kilter drum beats, but now also with the inclusion of gorgeous improvised guitar duets, steel drums, computer vocals, and percussion recordings taken from Mueller and Rosenau's sound installation Brown Liquor No. 2, presented in 2001 on Gallery Night in Milwaukee, WI. fa.ce (a is pressed as an edition of 1000 copies. The packaging for this release is printed on pages of stock photography books, making each of the 1000 covers individual and unique." (label info)
in stock | US| 2002| CROUTON MUSIC | 13.90

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