"Nearly 10 years after the memorable collaboration between MZ.412, IDPA, and COLUMN ONE and recorded at the event of the Collapse Festival, held in Rostock, Germany, comes a document of this event. What you hear is a manifestation of opposites, the submerging into the alternate universes of the collaborators, bound to a closed auditorium. Distorted screams, noise loops and sound manipulations meet bells, field recordings, natural sounds, piano passages and harmonious arrangements. A claustrophobic scenario, this 24-minute piece comprises the live-action in its entirety. The other side of this album marks the return of COLUMN ONE after a 2-year hiatus and is a monument of power - a radical clean slate. The first 15-minute piece (Shake Hands with Mr. Ringling) was recorded in Berlin with various classical musicians and evolves from an open electro-acoustic space into a massive orchestral drone, comparable with Organum, Penderecki, Hermann Nitsch, or NWW. The second piece (Voodoo Bumble Bee), based on a loop from the 1920s, marches forth as a tiny, amusing machine." (label info) ltd. ed. of 412 copies
in stock | DE| 2010| TOURETTE | 16.90

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