"Emerging from over a decade of hibernation, Confessor have returned to form, heavier, harder, and more focused than ever! They first put their mark on the underground metal scene in the late '80s by combining some of the genre's essential elements in a way that no band had attempted yet, and that few, if any have successfully blended since. Unraveled is produced by Dick Hodgin (ex-Corrosion Of Conformity producer) and is a wonderful representation of the classic Confessor twisted guitar riffing and complex drumming, meshed with some more straight forward parts and a toned down and very melodic vocal approach. A must have for those into: Don Caballero, The Fucking Champs, Breadwinner, C.O.C, and Pelican." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| SOUTHERN LORD | 15.90

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