"This realisation of 4 pages from "Treatise" by Keith Rowe (Tabletop Guitar) and Oren Ambarchi (Guitar), possibly the most powerful ever acheived, was recorded live at Bimhuis in Amsterdam on Feb 8th 2009. Rowe and Ambarchi use the guitar as a point of departure for completely new techniques and sound environments. Already in the 1960s Rowe made a radical departure from traditional jazz, redefining the guitar in the British collective AMM. He prefers to lay the instrument on the table to manipulate its sound with springs, fans, office appliances and electronics. Ambarchi, also in Sunn O))), Menstruation Sisters and Burial Chamber Trio, predominantly uses laptop to mould guitar sounds into dark sonic patterns." (label info) Edition limited to 300 copies, reproducing on the sleeve and the innersleeve the 4 pages from "Treatise" performed by Rowe and Ambarchi.
soon in stock - please pre-order | IT| 2009| PLANAM | 17.90

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