"Early 80 years after the release of "Nouveaux modes industriels" and "10 suicides," while I was working on the first recordings of "Polaroid/Roman/Photo", Philippe Doray and myself decided to work jointly on a project for concerts: Crash (both great readers of JG Ballard) was born. This project included new songs, tracks' adaptations of each and improvisations. We made some concerts in France and the Netherlands. "TM. Both tracks are taken from rehearsal recorded in Studio Anagram and in Montérollier.Philippe Doray: lyrics, Korg vocoder, guitar, EMS Synthi A. Christian Dherbecourt: guitar, Korg MS 20. Patrick Müller: EMS Synthi AKS on Vaugan's ballad. Thierry Müller: music, Farfisa VIP 233, Roland SPV-355, guitars, Devilla's electronic drums and clock, photos and graphic design." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | FR| 2009| POUTRE APPARENTE | 7.90

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