""La Ciudad" is Broklyn Beats' long-awaited side project, bubbling over on the back burner since 2001. Originally commissioned for a national Jerome Foundation grant, the composition and accompanying video developed over time after being initially performed at Manhattan's Roulette music space. The complete background story can be found in the CD's liner notes, which we encourage you to read. This is Criterion's fifth release for Broklyn Beats Records in anticipation of his debut full-length out at the end of this year. Criterion (yes, his real name) utilizes breakbeats and found sounds as vehicles for a thicker mesh of psychedelic electronic music. "La Ciudad" is best understood as a single 20-minute listening adventure, drawing the listener ever deeper into his emotional palette of sounds. MPLD is visual artist Gill Arno who, along with Criterion, resides in Brooklyn, New York. Arno has worked alongside Broklyn Beats for 6 years designing many album covers, flyers and logos. This is his first foray into music video, although he has been an essential part of Broklyn Beats' touring team, implementing a barrage of slide projections during tours with Criterion & Doily, as well as DJ /Rupture and 1-Speed Bike. Here MPLD creates a synchronized, forward-moving collage of Brooklyn and its dizzying array of colors and textures. "La Ciudad" is a collaborative glimpse into the sights and sounds surrounding the Broklyn Beats studios and office in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. On par with the hectic life of a New York artist, the project offers a slice of the everyday Broken Brooklyn world of Broklyn Beats Records." (label info)
in stock | USA| 2005| BROKLYN BEATS | 10.90

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