"People wanted it, people asked for it, here it is. Curtis Chip's long awaited and much talked about first full length CD, in the form of a re-release of his highly acclaimed "Eating Paste" 12" (on Zod Records), enriched with new material, seven remixes and a track from his first 12" ("Binoculars"). 8 bit melodies one could whistle to, sequences mashed up beyond recognition, playful rhythms and crispy beats. Curtis Chip is back with a revenge. Remastered, remixed, extended, the track by this core member of Zod Records find here a new home on this Ad Noiseam CD. Their complex rhythms, their catchy melodies and their fresh structures are ready for their new audience, accompanied by the remixes by Larvae, Tarmvred, Enduser, Xanopticon, Ove Naxx, Eight Frozen Modules and BinRay." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2004| AD NOISEAM | 13.90

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