"Another limited hand stamped edition Touch white label LP, this time from long-time favourite Daniel Menche. The grooves on the vinyl are so fine that I though both sides were blank to begin with! Thankfully that's not the case, where dropping the needle onto the grooves has Daniel masterfully harnessing the frequencies with total control. Essentially this is very heady extended drone music done properly, gradually building until it becomes foggy and fuzzed up. Later on it sounds like there may be some organ drones in there but I can't be sure. I could just happily lie on the floor right now and temporarily make the world go away. A total bliss-out and not as aggressive as a lot of his catalogue and may even appeal to followers of Tim Hecker and the like." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2012| TOUCH | 18.90

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