"Native Californian guitarist Danny Paul Grody has always been more of a traveller than a true disciple of the American Primitive school. He came up in gauzy, San Francisco post-rock outfits like Tarentel and The Drift. His music is spare and otherworldly. His ideas, more often than not, are realized in repetition rather than in virtuosity. His compositions seem to owe as much to John Luther Adams as to John Fahey. One imagines the grooves on his copy of the seminal West African kora music compendium Cordes Anciennes are as well worn as those of the Takoma catalog. Grody's exquisite music is made up of a thousand little heresies and syncretisms. Sometimes the solitary 12-string suffices, but he's not afraid to lean into an electric guitar, tapes, piano or synthesizer if the idea demands it. The American school is there, but so are the folkways of the old world; as is the clustered pointillism of Morton Feldman; the luminescent guitar of New Zealand drone stalwarts like Roy Montgomery and Peter Wright; the eternal overtones of the New York minimalists." (label info)
in stock | US| 2013| 3LOBED | 19.90

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