"The writer and orchestrator behind acclaimed UK instrumental projects State River Widening, Ellis Island Sound, Snow Palms and Leaf recording artists Phelan/Sheppard, 'Vertical Land' will be Sheppard's first bona fide solo album. Known for fusing avant-experiment and filmic atmospheres with a rich melodic and rhythmic sensibility, Sheppard was inspired to write 'Vertical Land' by his travels in summer/autumn 2013. Finding himself (not in the hippie sense, more serendipitously) in a series of mountainous landscapes (South Africa, northern Norway, the volcanic Cyclades islands of Greece and the Welsh Black Mountains), Sheppard was moved by the feeling of awe that arises when flying over or walking across huge land masses." (label info) comes with downloadcode
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2015| VILLAGE GREEN | 16.90

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