special offer - "Working with cartoon sound effects wizard Phil Kaye (Tom & Jerry), the resulting Zounds! is perhaps the zenith of orchestral easy listening records with sound effect accompaniment -- an inspiration for novelty music dating back to Leroy Anderson's experiments in the early 50's. Elliot's tour de force, originally released in 1963, is about 15 times more frantically schizoid than Anderson's work and his rhythm loops most certainly must have been on Perrey & Kingsley's minds when they set out to do The In Sound From Way Out a few years later. Bowling pins, ping pong playing, clocks, water, sawing wood, police & train whistles, celery stalks, the sound man's coat ripping as he picks up his watch, a vintage cement mixer from 1920 struggling to turn over and countless other noises all take turns holding first chair in Elliott's orchestra. And to top it off, Elliott comes up with some over the top arrangements with the musicians at his disposal, making their instruments sound more like sound effects at times. This re-issue also includes a six page interview with Dean Elliot conducted on WBBM shortly after the album's release." (label info)
in stock | NL| 2001| BASTA | 9.90

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