"Friend Opportunity", their ninth album, is full of humour and grandiose ideas - no Post-modern coldness or abstraction here. Things aren't quoted, they are composed - and the compositional ability of this group is, beyond doubt, sublime. Not a single second of their spiralling arrangements is annoying. It all comes from an enormous lightness. Their Math and mainstream rock leanings, the hymn-like choirs, and the swirling percussion all falls into place as if by magic. Deerhoof can zigzag around as much as they like - they are just pouring oil on the fire of their furious rock show. Breaks don't interrupt the flow, but rather act as organic counterpoints in the texture of the sound. Suddenly you're amazed by a simple ballad and then once again by experimental noise and it all sounds like Deerhoof. This band never makes out to be something that it isn't. (label info)
in stock | DE| 2007| TOMLAB | 13.90

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