"In the early 1980s in the proud city of Hamburg, Germany, two bands fused together in grade school. One band had the atypical name Junge Rümpfe, the other band had a somewhat old-fashioned name, Freddie & The Ready Teddies. At the time, the band played ska music, and therefore named themselves Skafighter. Original founders Timo Blunck und Detlef Diederichsen were joined by Blunck's sister Rica and their friend Christian Kellersmann. Between studio time and their first album release, Skafighter changed their name to Ede & Die Zimmermänner, a name coined after the journalist Eduard Zimmermann who moderated the television show, "True Crime". Eventually Rica Blunck left the band (she was the "Ede"), so the group shortened the name to Die Zimmermänner. Under the name Die Zimmermänner, they released '80s classics, like the albums "1001 Wege Sex zu machen ohne daran Spaß zu haben", "Goethe" and the EP "Zurück in der Zirkulation". It's now been a few decades since the release of "1001" and "Goethe", and it's time for something new! Die Zimmermänner are still the unusual band that they always were. "Overground Brightness" is still underground. The group plays rock from the heart, as singer/songwriters with German soul!" (label info) vinyl version comes with CD
in stock | DE| 2014| m-/m-| TAPETE RECORDS | 15.00

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