"Format: 12' Picture Disc vinyl. 'dieb13 vs. Takeshi Fumimoto - two unequal characters redefine the relation between computer and Takeshi Fumimoto means turntable-improvisation at it's best: he works up various vinyl records, all of them featuring turntables or vinyl music themselves, mashed to a 16minutes piece showing the essence and sonic possibilities of todays experimental turntable music. dieb13 performs the task of breaking in on Fumimoto's work with remixes. Using self written audio software and focusing on the (often microscopic) structures of Fumimoto's output, he manages to transfer the given sounds into new contexts and cast a surprising light on them. The resulting 31 minutes of music, sectioned in 12 tracks, seamlessly nested into each other, are astonishingly homogenous, yet rich of variations and surprising twists. Both - dieb13 and Takeshi Fumimoto - have been active in Vienna's electronic and Improv music scene since the mid 1990s with solo works and various collaborations." (label info) sell-out price
in stock | EU| 2005| MEGO | 7.90

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