"After the huge success of the first CD-release from the legendary Dieter Bauknecht archives (the whole edition of "Dieter Bauknecht-Beyond Dorfdisko" was sold out within days!), DOM EK decided to dive even deeper into Dieter's odd works. This time we offer you a soundtrack from 1970 that Dieter produced out of the music of german all girl beat band "Mindbeat" (under the influence of certain... substances). Elisabeth Wurst (Dieter's secretary) recalls: "Pretending he was recording their rocksongs, Dieter could not gain any control over his complicated recording equipment and the results of this sessions were totally unlistenable and were locked away in the lowermost drawer of the Bauknecht household until porn filmer Bernd Uwe Köter came for a visit, asking us for some cheap music for his latest movie..." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2004| DOM ELCHKLANG | 22.00

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