"Dillon's second album! First a roar steadily builds, then we hear the first piano tone of 'The Unknown' - along with the voice of Dominique Dillon de Byington. There it is again, the unique timbre of the young Berlin-based artist who captivated the music press and arts critics alike with her 2011 debut album on BPitch Control 'This Silence Kills'. With songs like "Tip Tapping", "Thirteen Thirtyfive" and "You Are My Winter" Dillon, originally from Brazil, left an impression on more than just the indie scene. This Silence Kills was sweet and enticing enough to establish itself as a pop record with singer-songwriter passion and experimental enough to be taken seriously as an art project. It was described as chanson-pop, sensuous electronic music featuring a voice comparable to Feist, Björk or Joanna Newsom. Whereas the majority of the debut album, with all its melodies and arrangements, had been written before it was recorded, The Unknown came about more as a conceptual work. Yet despite the new approach, it should still be understood as a sequel to The Silence Kills. The foundation for album number two was laid within three weeks at the same studio and even in the same room of Clouds Hill Recordings in Hamburg. The result of these creative exchanges is a narrative gem that is eager to retain some malaise around the edges." (label info) also available on CD
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2014| BPITCH CONTROL | 18.90

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