"Japandorf" is the last album production of Klaus Dinger (1946-2008). In fact "Japandorf" is the perfectly accomplished third album of a series of three albums in total, which were produced since 2000 by the likewise named project Japandorf. The two predecessors of "Japandorf" are called "pre-Japandorf" and "VIVA Rimix 2010" and are yet to be released. According to the manifesto like character of his song CHA CHA 2000 (1978), Klaus was even in the beginning of 2000 still after a special kind of musical collaboration to attain a unique sound, which would suit the upcoming millennium. For his new project, he opened his studio in 2000 to various fine artists and musicians for spontaneous recording-sessions. Through an artist friend Nakao, Klaus got introduced to Japanese musicians and artists living in Düsseldorf, especially the sessions together with them had a dense and exciting atmosphere. Although Klaus has been pressured by financial needs during the 7 years of "Japandorf" production, he would devote all his passion and time to the project and also cared about the members, let them challenge and gain experiences through the creative process. Lyrically and musically the album "Japandorf" focuses on the city of Düsseldorf and specially on its Japanese community, which Düsseldorf is internationally well known for since the early 70s. "Japandorf" is a uniquely magical, optimistic, refreshing and beautiful album. Definitely another manifest of Klaus Dinger." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2013| GRÖNLAND | 16.90

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