Debut releases on a new Mark Clifford label (ex Seefeel, Disjecta, the forgotten Woodenspoon -- for the Warp and Too Pure labels). Polyfusia was the title of the classic 1993 Seefeel EP compilation on Astralwerks. Mark is practically the Kevin Shields of electronic music, rarely heard from except for the occasional remix, but totally worshipped for the emotional depth and ambience of unforgettable '90s recordings. This EP represents the first new Disjecta release since 1996's defining Clean Pit And Lid album on Warp & will hopefully re-ignite a flurry of Mark Clifford activity. Tracklisting: 'True_Love by Normal' 06:44; 'Flos' 05:51; 'Lumina_Lamina' 06:11; 'Feeding Buzz' 06:53.
in stock | US| 2004| POLYFUSIA | 16.90

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