DJ C FEAT. ZULU - BODY WORK (10" - USED vg/vg+)

"You'll remember when we filled dancefloors worldwide to the sound of Zulu & DJ C's "Animal Attraction" 7" - an end of summer smash that sold out super quick. We immediately lined up our guys for another single (they are now regular collaborators, having appeared together on a Deathsucker label 12" last year) to keep you all fixed up with regular doses of their high tempo, genre-mashing sound. "Body Work" (a 'prequel' for their upcoming ComLib 12" single "Darling") hits again in that perfect 135bpm zone between dancehall, grime and dubstep." (label info)
in stock | US| 2007| vg/vg+| COMMUNITY LIBRARY | 3.90

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